High quality sheepskin is used for desktop,tabletop and writing surfaces. Thickness of the leather, grain and fine goldleave tooling makes Desktopleather's easy to write on.

Large leather surfaces (e.g. large tables) might consist of multiple leather pieces. Reasonable because in some cases the biggest sheep is not big enough to fit the required dimensions. Enlargements are made by symmetric, sharply cut leather pieces, fitted together with an almost invinceable seam. On special request blind tooling can be applied to conceal the cutting line.

Users' manual

Step 1:  Shape

Choose the shape you need: rectangular, circle or irregular shape.
Fill in the sizes. (centimeters only)

Irregular shape:
Irregular shapes are available, but need a special treatment. If ordered, it is required to send us an exactly sized and curved cardboard/paper mall by post or fax.

Certain irregular designs send by fax will do also.
(fax:+31 (0)33- 47 55 477.

Step 2: Color

Every color has its code. Use this code for your request on the mailform. Click a picture for a larger preview.

Colors shown in the examples on this website can be slightly different than the colors in reallity.

Step 3: Tooling (goldleave)

Applying handmade tooling on the edges of your leather writing surface gives your desk or writing table a unique look.
Gold leave tooling is available in various designs.
Blind Tooling:
Tooling applyed without the use of goldleaves is called 'blind tooling'. All designs are available as blind tooling if ordered on the order/mailform. Large surfaces made of multiple leather pieces are usually decorated with a small blind tooling to blend nicely with the cutting line.
Every tooling design has his code. Use this code on the orderingform.